I’m Celibate.

Lord, give me the strength. I almost blew my testimony. Ladies, you ever just want to give in, hit your ex up, and…you know the rest. I almost threw the towel in. I’m 22 and decided to turn celibate a few months ago. When I share that with others, you know how many laughs I get? The “whys” and “hows” that I receive? Five months isn’t too long, but after being in a relationship for a couple years, living together, and sex being that accessible; to going on five months strong with nothing..God is funny. He works in mysterious ways, and I love it.

But let me tell you how funny He really is. The same day I was considering; thinking “one more time won’t hurt,” I took my little behind to Wednesday Bible study. Guess what the topic was? Sex and boundaries. Pastor stressing to us about soul ties, sexual immortality, sexual trauma; all that good stuff. This world that we live in is corrupt. We don’t think twice, but rather give in to our flesh. Forgetting the importance and true meaning behind sex.

To my husband; this is all for you. I want this to be all for you. I could go into detail, but I want to save that..all for you. Keeping in mind the meaning of marriage. Marriage; that beautiful act when two become one. Genesis 2:24 “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” Sexual intercourse is what allows us to become one. Sex is the height of a relationship; once you get to that point, there is nothing left to give. You can’t go anywhere else from there.. Ladies, once you give your mind, body, and soul..what else left is there? That’s submission. I didn’t take it as serious as this either until I grew my relationship with God, and heard Him speak to me. I knew my life was going to transition to the next level, once I agreed to stop giving into my own desires. Sometimes we have to tell our flesh to shut up, and scream a loud no to the enemy.

I know how strong I am, and that I can do anything that I put my mind to. I truly do envision myself not having sex again until I get married. It sounds crazy to me too, don’t worry. But no matter how many laughs I receive, or guys who can’t fathom the fact and stray away..can’t nobody change my mind from what I believe in at this very moment. Queens..and Kings too, stop lending yourself out to everyone who comes into your life. Value your temple and quit sinning against your own self; learn how to be intimate with an individual without involving the bed.

Everyday, I’m working on myself; unraveling into the woman God views me as. Becoming better than the person that I was yesterday. It’s my time to be selfish; to spend a season alone and cleanse myself, while recouping my physical and spiritual body. In the meantime, while I stay the course and keep my eye on God, He will prepare me for my husband.

Research shows that there is nearly a 50% divorce rate for those who live together before marriage. Keeping in mind that is a sin; now think of a relationship that lacks spirituality. That’s too close to a 100% divorce rate for me. How many people do you currently still have soul ties to? How many people are you going to become one with? When you become one (have sex) with an individual that you’re not married to, it’s almost impossible to become one with the person you’re supposed to be married to.

I’m cool. Celibate me.

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  1. Brianna Presume says:

    BROUGHT tears to my eyessss !!!! Yesssss I CELIBATE ME ! This was soooo good I pray your husband is being prepared at this very moment by god !

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