Serena was inspired to write her first children’s book in January 2018. Traveling to Africa, she came across some of the “worst conditions, yet happiest and most grateful people.” On Serena’s flight back home, she began to write about a little boy she had met at the orphanage in Kenya, named Alex who was thrown into a forest 2 hours after birth; hitting the back of his head and causing him to go blind. During Serena’s time in Kenya, she was able to travel with Alex to some of his hospital visits and watch him smile and laugh to himself all day. Unable to see or walk, yet happy and could light up a room. 2 years later and to this day Serena says that she still carries the lessons the individuals in Kenya taught her, by simply being themselves. Faith Over Sight is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well. ❤️ Check out Serena’s most recent published books: “Mixed Girl” and “Dear Daddy.

Written by Serena Haeuser

Alex; a young lion cub is one of the happiest kids in the Kenya safari. Although, the neighborhood children are a bit confused as to why Alex never comes outside to play with them. The question they all want to know; how and why Alex is so happy? This children’s book is to shine light on Alex’s condition of being blind at a young age, yet not allowing it to get in the way of his happiness. Faith Over Sight will show you how to trust God so that He can do bigger and better than you ever dreamed possible; how to let go of any problems and trust Him with your heart, soul, and life.