When Your Best, Is Their Best Interest.

I believe that I mastered giving all of my problems to God. I won’t sit here and say that I have no worries in the world, I’m human. Although, any worry that I do catch myself having, I pray on it. Instead of calling up the next person, and giving them an ear full, on top of their own issues that they have going on..I talk to God about whatever it is. I just mind my business and talk to God a lot.

I stopped asking for advice when I realized that I one..tend to do the opposite of what people tell me to do anyway, and two..other people’s advice was clouding my own judgment. Advice can hurt you. Not only hurt you, but hurt others. We all have an assignment on our lives; I cannot afford to play around by taking other’s opinions into consideration. They are not me, and I am not them.

One of my biggest regrets, (or more so lessons) was when I lived out Los Angeles, and wanted to move back home to Philly. I had the conversation with too many people. I was receiving so many different opinions, that I was confused my own self. When you’re chasing a dream, one of the most difficult points that you’ll get to is when you don’t know if God is trying to tell you to stop, or testing you to keep going. And that was exactly what I was experiencing. All I needed to do was talk to God about my confusion, nobody else. Nobody knew what I was dealing with, or how I was feeling; except for God and myself. The main people I discussed this decision over with were my mom, dad, and boyfriend. All people who love and care about me; all people who considered their own selves into the advice that they were given me, as I was looking for the best advice for myself.

While out in LA; I can say that I wasn’t able to hear from God like I can now. Take a second and ask yourself why you are having trouble hearing from God? What do you give the most time to? And why is it that we can go so hard for everything else, yet when it comes to God, He gets our leftovers? Back in December, Haiti was placed on my heart to go and volunteer. Just recently, I was informed of the dangers of Americans traveling to Haiti, and all the “what-if’s” that could happen to me. I was on the verge of cancelling the trip. But, when I tell you that I never heard from God so clearly..He said, “daughter, go. Do you trust me? Do you trust that I’ll protect you?” I didn’t second guess the trip once more. I didn’t have another conversation with anyone, except God, about my uneasiness of traveling to Haiti next week.

Put yourself in position to take authority over your own life. Stop making irrational decisions, or decisions based off emotions. This requires getting your mind right, and allowing yourself to hear clearly from God. Not only do I ask God to provide me with guidance, clarity, and direction; I know when I have to turn off the noise around me. People, environments, and, overall distractions need to be put on hold at times. To hear so clearly from God, that you don’t have to wonder, “did the Lord say that?”

Before I could do anything for God, I had to be cleansed and set free. I had to get rid of distractions, fears, and mindsets; anything that was holding me back. How else could I fulfill my purpose, and serve God the right way? Although, this is an everyday job; the second best thing after God’s love, is obedience. No love can compare to God’s..There’s nobody like my God. It will always be, “yes and amen.”

Give it all to God.

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