Let It Go.

I thank God for my heart, and for my mind. 
My ability to forgive, and still love. 
My ability to not latch onto the past, 
But instead, use every lesson to rise above. 

No matter the hurt; remaining kind, courteous, and compassionate is key.
I'm devoted to this journey;
Becoming whole, and being set free.

Quit holding onto things that are weighing you down; 
Throw away everything hindering you, and keeping you bound.
Forget who did what to who;
God is already working on it, 
And using it to grow you.

Im beyond grateful for my life. I’m catching myself walking around smiling for no reason lately. It’s been on my mind heavy what God has brought me from, and the sins He has forgiven me for. Imagine if God never forgave us for our wrongs; both knowingly and unknowingly. Similar to how we make it an inconvenience to forgive and forget those who did us wrong, and allow our pride to take control. Pride is the root to every other sin. “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.” (Philippians 2:3 ) Forget the pain that others caused you; instead value what it taught you.

Once you’re able to see God’s hands in it all, you’ll be able to look at life a little differently. God will allow a person to get over on you. He will allow you to feel pain. That’s because God TRUSTS you. You are the one! You are capable. Go through it.

Plants need dirt thrown on them in order to grow.

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