Dear God; I trust you.

It feels so good to complain, doesn’t it? To just let it all roll out, share every single thing that is going wrong in your life; every disappointment, every struggle, every pain. Unfortunately, nobody wants to be around a person who is constantly complaining. I used to be a complainer; pessimism runs in my family honestly (generational curses is a whole other topic), but I try my best to focus more on solutions rather than problems. Although it’s not the easiest, I am learning how to master the technique of giving all of my problems to God. Letting go, being still, and trusting Him.

Life’s not easy. But controlling the thoughts that run through your mind can make it a whole lot more enjoyable. It’s important to lose the pessimism inside of us, and remove all negative thoughts out of our mental construction.

In my twenty-two years of living; I will say that I am going through one of the most difficult times right now. But, watch this; also in my twenty-two years of living, have I ever had this much trust in God, and been thankful for a storm quite like this. And I honestly believe that is how you get through this thing called life. Controlling your thoughts may sound easier said than done, but you never have to accept your default attitude towards anything. If you are unhappy, change something. There are no limitations to the mind except those that we acknowledge; we are in control.

I have no idea what God is trying to do in my life right now. But, what I do know is that He makes no mistakes. God will protect us from something before it has the chance to destroy us; before it can take us away from the future that He has set out for us. Each one of us are filled with God-given potential. God wants to do more through our lives than we could even imagine, but it requires our cooperation as well. I challenge you to stay positive. I challenge you to search for the good in every “bad.” I challenge you to be the shining light through a dark situation.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”
Proverbs 31:25

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