Jordan Year.

23; doing all God calls you to do.  
Note to self: I’m so proud of you.
It was about time you stopped asking, “why me”;
walking around miserable as can be.
Existing, but not really living.  
Lost, confused, and unspoken,                  
The little girl in me who was still broken.

Looking for something that only God could fulfill,

But not once did it cross my mind to submit to His will.

I let the drugs cloud my mind.

A few L’s a day, made everything just fine.

When truly, I was just running.

My anxiety getting the best of me;

Trying to escape reality.

Giving myself away to people who never deserved me.

Settling for love that I thought was worthy.

My father wasn’t around to tell me “daughter, you’re so worthy.”

Stuck in my brokenness; allowing the enemy to have control over me.

Here I am now God, thank you for setting me free.

I’ve been saved.

I’m way more than my mistakes and choices; I’ve been remade.

The woman that I’m becoming, it’s quite overwhelming.

Knowing that I’m only getting better with time..imagine when I hit my prime.
Dear God, I’m ready. 


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