I Talk to God About You.

I heard God say, “daughter, right now this won’t do. Focus on yourself and in the meantime watch what I do.

I never believed in wrong timing until you came around. Your passion for your craft is so profound. Keep on working King; I’ll be somewhere on this earth praying and holding it down.

I asked Him to show us if this is it;
if unity is what He wants,
If our puzzle pieces will remain fit.

I pray for your protection everyday;
Protection from these cold-hearted streets,
For God to protect your mind and your body, for as long as your heart beats.
To remove any strongholds, and fill you up with peace; my love for you runs deep.

I tell God all about my dreams. Those same ones you tell me confidently, that I can reach.
He got plans for us; it sure does seem.
I promise God’s preparing you, just sit back and let Him teach.

I talk to God about you, He told me He’s going to take you far.
Continue to put Him first, and He will unravel all that you already are.

Love is putting pride aside. Love is putting someone else’s needs before your own. Love is forgiveness. Love is patient. Love is dangerous. Love is beautiful. Love is continuous. I love, love.

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