Bring On the Pain

Any pain that comes my way, I’m grateful.
Problems, issues, and hardships inspire creativity for me. Gives me a push; a certain hunger that I didn’t have prior, due to being content and comfortable.

Creativity is fueled by inspiration. Inspiration is fueled by a desire to grow, which is delivered from a place of being in need. Any lack that I have, encourages me to get up and obtain whatever that that lack is.

That’s where I believe that jealousy is birthed from. Sitting in lack; staying content in a season of pity, rather than working towards prosperity and peace. I will always use my problems as a way to move forward. I will never allow myself to be stuck, or at a standstill as long as I’m alive. I can’t allow a hardship or problem to depress me. My mind won’t let me. Once you understand that everything happens for a reason, everything is exactly the way it should be at this very moment; you view life a little differently.

God does not bring problems unto us if He thinks we cannot physically handle them. He never had intentions to hurt us, or harm us. Everything is for our good. This is the Lord we are talking about here. Any problem that shows up in our life is due to the solution being inside of us. Tap into it.

Know your worth and who your Creator is. Pray through.

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