Save Me.

I asked God to teach me to love more of what He loves, and hate what He hates. My pastor recently said, “when you allow the Holy Spirit to control your life, you no longer have the same desires. You don’t have to walk around saying you’re not going to do this and just no longer have the desire to.” So, are temptations not a thing when you’re truly “saved?” Because I’ve been experiencing temptation, challenges, frustration; all of that, on a different level lately. But, when pastor said that I felt it deep in my chest. It actually made me feel like he was coming directly for me.

Guilty conscious.

The devil does not care about us getting saved, it means close to nothing for him. But, once we allow the Holy Spirit to get a grip on us, and to take control of our lives; that’s what he cannot stand. I have no desire to walk in my flesh, but I do crave for more peace, power, direction, and good decisions. I crave for God to continuously pour into me. Anybody trying to live right, the devil is out to kill. He wants to set us all back. At times this lifestyle that I choose to live can get lonely, and I consider old things and old ways; which is why unity is important. Unity gives that power, strength, and courage that is needed when we are lacking ourselves. When true Kingdom relationships are formed, nothing will be impossible. When there’s no jealousy, beef, or pride in the way; things begin to shake in the universe.

At this point in my life, some friendships, relationships, and opportunities have to be passed up. I’m hungry enough to wait. Hungry enough to be still and keep waiting on the right thing. The God thing. And all that God has promised me.

Lord, allow to die everyday to my flesh. It’s nasty. It’s not your way.

God, deliver me from me.

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