Humble Yourself.

I volunteered in Africa for an entire month, but seem to be struggling here in Haiti more than I was in Kenya. It’s only my fourth day here. But, as I sit outside writing and drinking my hot tea, while listening to the rain fall; I can’t help but to feel blessed. Even considering that I’ve been in the same hoodie for the past four days (I was told it was going to be a heat wave, but it’s been rainy and chilly), I’ve had rats run by my feet, unfamiliar bugs in my room and bed, and I took the coldest, yet quickest shower last night..I’m grateful for the experience. I could keep going on about the struggle, but so many times we look at the cons and forget to acknowledge all the pros.

I’m here in Haiti. It’s a beautiful country with outstanding views, the food is phenomenal, the children are the sweetest, and most importantly, I am serving God. Not only serving, but I am blessed enough to be working in my purpose and doing what I love. I’ve realized that when you have a calling on your life, it’s not always about what you like or want. It’s bigger than you. It’s bigger than you even think it is. Take a calling seriously.

As much as I love traveling; I wanted to cancel this trip. I was nervous, and I had to really get with myself. Yes, Haiti has been on a level four travel advisory since January, and airlines specifically said do not travel here unless it’s for an emergency. Well, I guess God’s direction is an emergency. Right? My dad had said to me, “that’s like going out into the middle of the ocean on a boat, knowing that there’s a storm coming.” I allowed people to cloud my judgment for a little bit and make me think of all the “what if’s.” But again, not everybody has experienced their calling yet, or has heard directions from the Lord.

With my organization, along with my passion to travel to these different countries; I’m going to have to overcome some of the “not so pretty things,” that come along with these places. Also, keeping in mind that these aren’t 5-star resorts that I’m staying at while serving. I’m currently staying on sight at an orphanage in the poorest country in the world; I must let all expectations go.

If you live a life that is all about helping others, you will lift your own self up , too. As much as I enjoy encouraging and traveling to these different places to volunteer my’s creating a shift in myself as well. Humbling, eye-opening, simplicity, and overall amazing experiences. Getting to see other countries ways of living, has made me appreciate the smaller things that I may take for granted on an everyday basis. Like hot showers, faucet water that is safe to brush my teeth with, an accessible washer and dryer, a flushing toilet, and much more.

My best advice to those feeling uncomfortable, or ready for something “new;” give your life to God. He will open up new gates, doors, miracles, and opportunities for you. At times you may have more vision than you have help, but never stay discouraged. Believe in yourself, and most importantly God. But, also be willing to say “yes,” to God, and move when He tells you to. Things unfold over time, so don’t find yourself too caught up and committed to one specific idea or opportunity. Again, trust Him. He knows the beginning, middle, and the end. Once you seek the kingdom of God and live for Him; all else will be added, and you will never lack in this thing called life. 

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