Unholy War.

Beautiful angel child; the enemy is prancing around, waiting to take you out.

Oh, angel child; you have no fear. You have no doubt.

How does one trust God so much?

I want to learn.

Is it really that easy? Help me.

Oh, angel child; please help me, I don’t want to burn.

I was told to yell a loud no to the devil and he will scamper,

Plans all tampered.

I was told to say a quiet yes to God, and He will come in no time.

No wonder this life that I’m living is just…fine.


Show me the way angel child, I want more.

Oh, angel child; help me. I want God to open the doors.

The doors to Heaven; to everlasting love.

That beautiful place above with all of the doves.

I heard that the good die young,

And we have the power in our tongue.

The power of life and death; it’s a scary thing.

Just like God’s love.

I heard that it’s so good, it makes people want to sing.

Is it true that it’s better to obey God than to sacrifice?

Man, I don’t know..In this thing called life, I can’t stop rolling the dice.

I love taking chances. But, the enemy is definitely always prancing.

Maybe it’s time to get serious; it’s time to submit.

Father, I heard about you. Angel child told me.

She wants me to be the greatest me that I can be.

But, she said that it starts with you.

Lord, tell me what you want me to do.

You want your children to spread your light, right?

Well, I must admit..dear angel child;

Thank you.

You shine His light, oh so bright.

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