Good Women Are Godly; Meet Danaé Reid.

In honor of Women’s History Month, I will be putting the spotlight on five noteworthy women. This week, whave the pleasure of learning more about the one and only, Danaé Reid. (@duhhnay_)

Danaé is a journalist located in the greater Philadelphia area. She’s a recent graduate of West Chester University where she studied both Communication Studies and Black History. Her passion is investing in people, which explains why she’s working towards the eventual goal of being a talk show host. When Danaé isn’t shooting her self-produced and weekly talk show, The Weekly Reid, she’s back and forth to New York; modeling professionally, does board operations and promotion work for Entercom Radio, writes for The Philadelphia Sun, does Social Media Marketing for an insurance agency, and much more.

Q: What do you believe is the biggest challenge of being a woman?

A: The biggest challenge in being a woman is simple… Patriarchy. We live in a male dominated society that’s not too forgiving and extremely hypocritical, which can sometimes make it difficult to exist. We are expected to do so much whilst only receiving minimal appreciation, but to many people, we shouldn’t be expecting it anyway. Women are born under a microscope and stay there for the duration of their lives… And the shittiest thing about living in a patriarchy is that it’s not only men who “enforce” the rules that we live by, it’s women as well… We are all the problem. Also, there’s so much pressure put on us and we never get a break… And DON’T let me get to talking about being black and a woman. That’s a whole different thing.

Q:Who is a woman that you currently look up to and why?

A: If I had to pick an ultimate, I look up to my mom more than anyone, (as cliche as that sounds), because she’s a cornucopia of the most beautiful things that this world has to offer. For my entire life, she’s been my blueprint. She is intelligent, breathtakingly beautiful inside and out, giving, and accepting of her flaws. She’s a great listener, never boastful, adapts easily, works so hard, and the list continues. As a mother, wife, daughter, friend, etc., no one can hold a candle to her. I’ve never seen someone so dedicated to the betterment of all things good. She’s really something special. I mean, if I could be half the bomb ass bitch she is… damn.

Q: Do you value womanism as much as feminism?

A: If anything I value womanism more… Womanisn is inclusive, feminism is not.

Q: Where do you envision yourself being 10 years from now?

A: 10 years from now I will be the widely-known queen of daytime talk television. I’ll also be married with at least 2 children and living somewhere that’s not PA. Very happy and living my dreams.

Q: What is something that you would tell to a younger version of yourself?

A: Something(s) I’d tell my younger self is that it’s okay to be you. You don’t have to try so hard to fit in with those people who aren’t really your friends anyway (you won’t talk to them after graduation). Hang out with the art kids… maybe the kids who do theatre, idk. Don’t quit the band, don’t stop drawing because you think he’ll think it’s “weird”… you’re SO good at it!. Ew, why the hell are you on the cheer team??? Stop dating that boy NOW… he’s bad for you. You’ll grow up to be amazing and happy… and regardless, I’m proud of you.

Q: What is a favorite quote of yours?

A: “I can’t be a singular expression of myself, there’s too many parts, too many spaces, too many manifestation, too many lines, too many curves, too many troubles, too many journeys, too many mountains, too many river, so many”. – Solange Knowles – Can I Hold the Mic (interlude) When I get Home (2019)

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