Marathon; Not a Sprint.

One thing that they don’t prepare you for in college, is post-college shock. If you recently graduated from college and are feeling confused, stressed, or worried about your plans for after graduation; it’s normal. There are several options; go to graduate school, take some time off for yourself, travel, move away, move back in with your parents, get a part-time job, or going straight full-time for a job in your field..the list could go on. Whatever you choose, make sure it is the best decision for yourself. Only you know what you are ready for. Do not let the decision that your friend made on attending grad school, force you to feel like you have to continue your education as well. Honestly, everybody has a different path and moves at a different pace; never compare yourself to another individual.

If you are unsure about grad school, and keep going back and forth with yourself about it, most likely you should wait. Grad school is serious and is very different from the years you spent obtaining your undergraduate degree. Less partying, multiply the workload by three; overall less fun, and more business. I never had the desire to continue my education; I always thought that grad school was useless for me. It was not until I interned in Washington, D.C., and began hearing different guest speakers discuss grad school, on top of getting to visit some of the most popular schools, that I decided that grad school was an additional step that I wanted to accomplish. Although, I told myself that I would not rush it. If you decide to go to grad school and further your education; you should feel secure about the decision, have the correct mindset, and know what you want out of it.

I graduated college in May 2018 and I wanted to take a “break” before jumping right into grad school. I accepted a job offer into a 12-month program doing what I love. I figured, if I enjoy my “dream job” I can continue with it, or if I dislike it I can move on and find a different position, or enroll into grad school. After graduation, I knew that I still had to learn more about myself, my passion, and the world around me. My advice to all soon to be or recent college graduates; do not rush the process. Grad school will always be there for us! Even when we are in our late 40s. Remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Good luck and stay on the look out for my next post where I will share my experience with my, “dream job” in Los Angeles.

First in my family to graduate..told my momma, “it’s only up from here, I promise, you just gotta wait.”

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